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For the 2024 season

Announcement & Regulations

The regulations for the 2024 season were drafted with care and based on your feedback.

The 2024 Championship Classes

4V OpenGP: the open 4-valve class for all brands (e.g., Daytona)

2V Super Racer: the open 2-valve class for all brands (e.g., Zongshen)

APM Stock Challenge: the stock rating for all brands (IMR, Malcor, Dream, etc.)

Super Racer 160: The class for racing enthusiasts and young pilots

Beginners & Kids Turn: For absolute beginners and kids, free riding without racing


Entry fee for the race day: 109€ - 125€ depending on the track, including day membership "MSV Pitbike Masters". Price valid until the last Tuesday before the start of the event

Double start entry fee: 164 - 188€ depending on the track, only possible in the combination

4V+Stock, 4V+160, 2V+Stock, or 2V+160

The annual card for all 5 race Sundays: 473€ = 1 event for free!

Saturday training sessions are optionally bookable with the entry (except Slovakiaring).


Rental transponder: 17 €

Transponder is mandatory for the race days. For beginners and newcomers, a limited number of rental transponders are available on-site. However, owning a transponder should be part of a racer's inventory, which is why we recommend purchasing your own transponder for only 114,50€. e.g., HERE

Fancy a ride? Sign up right here!

Alternatively, this can also be done in writing: or via Whatsapp (Click HERE)

For an illustration of the day's schedule,

Schedule Template.fw.png

Tender /
sports regulations



Version 1.3 - 27.01.2024


Technical Regulations



Version 1.5 - 01.02.2024

Pit bike racing series

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